The return of the pub post lockdown

Man in a pub with a pint of beer
Contemplating the proverbial glass half full, or half empty. In the pub with a pint of beer.

This stock photo of a man with a pint of beer is actually a bit of an oldie, shot way back in 2006! It's hopefully a bit of an evergreen timeless image though; a man in the pub with a pint. A scene of the very ordinary that has been abscent and missed in these times of the extraordinary. So, tomorrow the pubs are back, after a fashion. It is a real glass half full or half empty moment, hopefully it goes well. Plenty of calm socially distanced quiet contemplation and enjoyment of the humble pint! Good luck to all the Landlords and bar staff.

This image, and a few similars from the shoot, can be found over at Alamy.