Stock photo of woman wearing face mask to leave house

woman wearing face mask leaving house
Stock photo of woman leaving house wearing a face mask.

Wearing a face mask seems like it could become part of our new normal in the world with coronavirus. For so long an accessory more commonly associated with Asian cultures and polluted cities, we may now all be at least carrying one with us in case of the need. Life in England has inched a little towrds normal with a gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, but we must "stay alert"; we are still in the clutches of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

These images are available to licence via Alamy and are part of a lightbox of lockdown stock photos I've created. Some of the images are documenting the lockdown period and others are existing images I've shot that illustrate apspects of the lockdown.


Stock Photo leaving the house wearing a face mask to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.