Stock photo of online learning

While the coronavirus lockdown has obviously been a tough and challenging time for many people I think it is fair to say it hasn't been without it's upsides. For some families the necessity to spend a lot more time together at home has created opportunity to do more together, hang out, follow personal interests and get that cliched quality time together! 

Pictured here are a Mother and Daughter taking part in an online art class. The online world has clearly been an essential part of the coping with lockdown toolbox. The availabilty of online learning has been a boost not just for school children contuining to learn at home but for adults too taking the opportunity for a little life long learning!

These images are available to licence via Alamy and are part of a lightbox of lockdown stock photos I've created. Some of the images are documenting the lockdown period and others are existing images I've shot that illustrate apspects of the lockdown.