Lockdown images lightbox on Alamy

So, here in the UK, we seem to be approaching the moment when our lockdown experience may start to be, ever so slowly, relaxed. There's been some mixed messages from Government, but we're expecting the definitive lowdown on the lockdown going forward from Boris on Sunday. Tonight's update from George Eustice has confirmed there will be "no dramatic overnight change" to the current guidance and restrictions. Despite the UK's lockdown not being amongst the most severe there is obviously enthusiasm to at least know how we will move out of the current state of play and back towards something more closely resembling the old normal.

For many people though, there are still many weeks of isolation ahead. Those shielding themselves because of increased vulnerability to the effects of coronavirus are still only part way through their suggested 12 weeks of isolation, and who knows if it will then be thought safe enough for them interact with the world a little more. As the lockdown is slowly eased and there are more signs of life outside the window it can only get harder for those who need to stay isolated, shielding themselves from the continuing risk of COVID-19.

These images are available to licence via Alamy and are part of a lightbox of lockdown stock photos I've created. Some of the images are documenting the lockdown period and others, like these two featured, are existing images I've shot that illustrate apspects of the lockdown.