ESG investing stock photo concept

Thoughtful young man looking out of window with houseplant
Stock photo of thoughtful young man consdiering ESG investment issues. License this image at Picfair or Alamy

ESG investing is a term I've only recently started to pick up on so I certainly didn't have it mind when I shot this image. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance and its increasing use reflects the fact that these three broad issues are now routinely being considered by investors when deciding where to put their money. This includes both small private retail investors and the large institutuional investors that control so much funding. The recent lacklustre Deliveroo IPO was an example of this new broader thinking; many of the large institutions chose not to invest in the IPO due to concerns over Deliveroo's employment model. Considering these three factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a business should not only be for the greater good, by putting money on the blance sheets of businesses that do more of the right things, but also, in theory, lead to solid financial investment decisions too. 

When I asked the model here to gaze out of the window and blocked his view with a sizeable houseplant I had the environmental and green angle in mind. This was shot in 2008! On the one hand this is just what I want from a stock image; an element of timelessness, renewed relevance, anything that gives it a good long potentially useful sales shelf life. However its depressing that the idea of addressing these ESG concerns only now, hopefully, feels like it is becoming a mainstream reality. Wasted years of inaction leave us with a bigger more urgent problem to tackle when it comes to the climate crisis.