Covid 19 vaccination in the UK stock images

Woman holding arm after receiving Covid 19 vaccination
A woman holds her arm after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine as part of the UK NHS vaccination program. Image available to license at Alamy.

The UK Covid-19 vaccination program in the UK is off and running. Described by the Health Secretary as a series of sprints to get the most at risk vaccinated first, followed by a long marathon through to the Autumn at least as the vaccine is rolled out to the rest of the population. Things are clearly very grim at the moment on the front line. Whilst the vaccines are certainly hope, the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, it seems we are in almost the darkest part of the tunnel as we long for the societal impact they promise.

Vaccinated man holding covid 19 vaccination card
A man holds out a Covid-19 vaccination record card from the UK NHS. Image available to license at Alamy.

For many people the call to come and get vaccinated could well still be six months away. In the meantime the coronavirus keeps doing what is does. Each person vaccinated is another small brick in our global defensive wall, another vulnerability strengthened. Its a slow process though. As we wait for our shot of vaccine we must all maintain our other defenses; keeping our social distances, keep masking up, for our societal benefit.

The UK Covid 19 vaccination program is expected to continue through much of 2021. Image available to license at Alamy.