A surprising stock photo sale

Stock photo of clamshell style flip phone

The nature of stock photography is to a large extent speculative and it is always interesting and informative to monitor what sells. There is the potential for (almost) any image to find a market, but inevitably some subjects are more in demand than others. Technology is one of those nice always popular and in demand areas, yet it has a big achilles heel; it dates, quickly. All those cool gadgets and tech very quickly become yesterdays toys and end up at the back of some drawer, while the stock images featuring them languish unwanted down the bottom of search results!

So when I had a reported sale of this image the other day I was pleasantly surprised! This photo dates from 2007 and even then the phone probably wasn't anything special as I don't tend to have high end phones. Sales reports from stock photo agencies are always light on detail so its often hard to know what the shot has been used for, but it is nice to know it is still potentially useful. Perhaps it is old enough to have taken on some retro tech value?

A heads up; the link to depositphotos and Dreamstime includes my affiliate details. This means if a licence is purchased I may receive a small commission for introducing the buyer, at no extra cost to the buyer.

The image is available to licence at depositphotos.com or Dreamstime.com