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Exeter Castle new apartment

I visited Exeter Castle earlier in the week to photograph two of their apartments for airbnb listings. The two properties while both in the Castle complex were quite different. The first, featured here, is newly renovated and features a contemporary style with mezzanine lounge/bedroom area. This creates a huge sense of space in the open plan living area below and prompted me to rotate my camera for some vertical shots! I’m increasingly finding, due to the end use they are typically put, some clients have a strong preference for landscape orientated shots. Sometimes though, with mezzanines and epic windows, a tilt of the camera is entirely justified!

Exeter Castle apartment photography



Interior mezzanine floor photography in Exeter Castle


I’ll show some photos from the other apartment shoot in a later post.


Funky floors

Reclaimed sports hall flooring used to great effect! Or at least I thought so, the manager of this property told me it isn’t to everyone’s taste apparently. It is the second time I’ve seen this done on a shoot and I’m definitely in the love it camp!